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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. onchts. now at 11:00 found on an isis list. what lawmakers are saying for need for more protection and approximate more money. and we're tracking more than just the warm air making the way and the rain is coming in.
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i will show you who gets the most and when. loud cheers for a successful landing in florida. how they got a rocket back on the launch pad just minutes after lift off. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. a woman on the way to pick up her son at a metro station, shoot in her car. >> police say that she was not the target:news fist is live at a fire station where the woman stopped to get some help. >> well tonight investigators are saying that she was randomly shot. they are concerned that there's someone shooting at cars possibly, and the woman was -- drove to the fire station behind me and right now the police are trying to figure out what exactly they're dealing with.
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police tell me that she did not know that she was shot until she felt a burning sensation on had her leg a minute later. she was driving to pick up her son around two hours ago. she was on martin's lane near the swim center. people called 911 after hearing seven shoots fired. police are searching and looking for shell casings and questioning people. we're going to hear from rockville police. >> how odd is something like this? >> unusual to have a random person driving down a road that's not very well -- highly travelled this hour of the night and to be struck with gunfire. >> well the good news is that the woman is going to be okay. the bad news is that police are searching and trying to see what they're dealing with in terms of the shooting. we will post-up dates on the
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washington date. >> thanks. turning to the weather we have rain moving in on storm team four tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> in another year we will be talking about a snowstorm. >> yeah, this time of the year we're in the 40s and the next couple of days we're talking 60s and 70s. it's amazing how warm that we're going get. we're tracking the showers and down to frederick county, maryland and there's a lot more where this came from. a lot more rain to the south. we're going to get the moisture in here. we have the clouds coming up tomorrow and not a lot of rain tomorrow. by wednesday we expect to see a lot of rain out here and everybody gets on the warmth. the average high is 45, and over the next couple of days incredible warmth and we're going to shatter it and on christmas. we have the entire forecast
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coming up in just a minute. ♪ here is the live desk we're learning of the six american troops that were killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan and one of them was a detective with the nypd. joseph lynn has been on the police and served in the national guard. he deployed twice and once to iraq. he lived in westchester and had a life and two kids. he had the selfless that we could all strive for and putting his country and city safe. a suicide driver drove into a joint military patrol and set off the explosive. six are killed and several others are wounded. they claim the responsibility and we're waiting to learn the identity of the other soldiers that died. >> chris, thank you. new at 11 tonight we're
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getting new details where a 17-year-old was stabbed to death in northwest dc. >> sources say that he was texting with a girl and arranged to meet her and the body was later found in front of an abandoned building and police have not named any suspects and have not seen what's led up to the stabbing. >> now for a story that you will only see here. according to police records the woman has been identified and notified by the fbi. she was told that agents would monitor and give her ex bopra at that patrol while on or near the campus. they say that the types of lists are becoming common. >> it's where we see the real clear lake too. it's a new normal and has been for several years.
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>> the counsel member says that this shows maryland has high value targets and more grant money should be used to help the local police protect the community. the woman accused of running down dozens of people with her car on the vegas strip will appear in court tomorrow. she is going to appear for a bond hearing. she is accused of injurying two dozen people when she drove into a crowd on the strip last night. police do not know what the motive was. she told investigators that she was living in her car with her young daughter and grown frustrated by finding a place to rest and getting ran off by security. you. usually we show you the
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rockets blasting off, but tonight everybody is talking about the space ex landing the rocket back on earth. look and we're going deliver 11 slates into space, but it came ten minutes after lift off. the first stage of the falcon returned to cape and make the first successful landing and previous attempts failed. the space xer competitor successfully landed a booster last month. this was flying faster and higher. >> through the race to the white house and the war of worlds between donald trump and hillary clinton. he is demanding an apologize after she called him the best recruit er and she used him in the video. so far they have no evidence of that, but clinton's camp said no
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to the apologize that trump was demanding ch tonight trump stayed on the offensive. >> she is terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him to recruit, and it turned out to be a lie. she is a lie er. >> well, according he has lied more the most and approximate most of those lies get the papa fire rating. the first baltimore police officer charged in freddie gray's death will be in june. the first trial ended with a hung jury. the other five are scheduled to be tried before the next trial and beginning with the officers good son. the trial will begin january 6th. back here at the live desk we're learning of a big
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development in the sandra bland case. a grand injury decided not to indict any sheriff deputies from where she died. they show them where they're being held and they felt no crime is being committed there. back in july, he was pulled over for a traffic stop in texas for not signaling a lane change. she got into a confrontation and was discovered three days later hanging and the family is hoping that he question that she killed herself. now they will come back to see if the trooper that arrested her will face the charges. some high schools in virginia could be a step closer to getting new names according to the partner wtlc and they made a policy change that will allow the board to remain if there's a compelling need. there's a push to rename jeff
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because he was the confederate army general and there would still be community meetings before any final decisions remain. tonight neighbors are stepping up to help a family hit by a real life grinch. someone stole the holiday decorations from the lake ridge home known for holiday lights and decorations. the family have been decorating since they first bought the house. there are figures all over the yard, and last weekend someone took five of them. since then the neighbors have donated several replacements and she is not interested in pressing charges. >> you did not hurt just our family and the hard work that we put in, but you hurt a community. if you have them, bring them back. >> good news tonight. the family has been able to
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replace a few items and feeling the love from a community and not letting this get the best of them. next at news 4 at 11:00. gas less than $2 a gallon. a look at the early gifts coming for anyone that's traveling this week. tomorrow's expected to be the busiest day of the year for ups. no matter how you ship them, we have a reaso
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an art official christmas tree started the fire and they
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estimate the damage at more than $9 million. a firefighter was treated for injuries on december 12. the fire chief reminds people not to over load the circuits and if you have a real tree, keep it watered. >> if there's a time of the year to call home, it's this season. just in time for christmas and every homeless veteran now has a roof over their head. the county counsel was able to secure more than a half million dollars to homes for all 58 veterans that needed it before the end of the year. today some of the vets came to publicly thank those that teamed up to help them find permanent housing. >> you think that we're heros, but we're all heros. >> there's not a problem for the government to solve than the circumstances facing those this have the least that literally do not have a roof over their heads. >> if you know a veteran that needs help with houses or
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anything other issue, you can call the number on the screen toll free 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. santa usually arrives in a sleigh, but today he came in with plenty of police back up to surprise a family and corporal randy picked them and he joined them from almost every public safety branch to shower the family with gifts. he met one of the younger members at a career day and the children got toys. the mother got a lot of giant gift cards to help put the food on the table for the holidays. >> great story. for the first time in six years the average price of gas is less than $2 a gallon. that's here in the washington metro area. putting together with the heat wave, and it's about as good a holiday travel week than we could ask for. we report from i 95 in maryland.
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>> well, it's a little too late for people to change their holiday travel plans. the fact that gas is hovering around the $2 mark for are regular unleaded, it did bring a drive for those. >> it means more car cans on the road this holiday season. >> we're going to cocoflorida. >> the gas is $2.15 a gallon and with the reward we actually just got 10 gallons for 15 cents. >> they buy more and a lot more than gasoline. >> they're going to spend over $28 billion this holiday season and that's everything from restaurants to hotels to gas stations. snacks that you're going to buy when taking the trip. it's going to be good across the economy and travel from the top ten employer and the district of columbia and not only will people have a process but for anyone that's in the travel b s
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business, it's good news for them. >> reporter: we're likely to see the roads filled with happier holiday travel ers with heavier wallets. in college park with news 4. today was the busiest delivery day of the year for postal workers and tomorrow is the businessest day for the u.s. they're saying that they will move 36 million items. on line retailers say that the mild winter has made them complacent and waiting as late as possible. tomorrow mild temperatures will continue and that's going to limit delivery problems on the last minute orders. >> yeah, we're good. >> no, it's kind of spooky the weather that we're having right now. does not feel like christmas at all.
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it can't. the average is 45 and we're 30 degrees warmer than that on christmas day. that's a record. it's incredible the amount that we have seen here. we have been warm for the month and that goes away and that gets warmer. still on the mild side and then it's 12 miles an hour and temperatures at 55 and temperatures are not going to be going down tonight because of the southwest wind and still 52 and down to fredericksburg and we're going to track the rain. there's not much out there and then fed rick county and maryland seeing it and then around portions of montgomery county and then along i 81 and 70 from just south to the middle area and then down to clarksburg and we're reporting the rain. we will see the shower activity in the same location over the
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next few hours. we have seen the showers trying to move on here and down to the south and we have a lot more rain. now most of this very heavy to the south and it does weaken as it goes our way. we will get the storm system coming up on wednesday. that's going to bring the heaviest rain. here is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. notice right dur the morning rush is 66 and 95 will be a problem out there. take the umbrella with you if you're going to be out. by 11:00 most o to haof the raid just to the county the rest of us is going to dry out. the more sun that we get the warmer that we get. then on wednesday it's the fog rolling in and look at wednesday it's 7:00 a.m. and watch this. we see the heavier rain around noon and then during the afternoon maybe some thunderstorm activity and we will see if we get the storm but
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we can see the bands of heavier rain for sure. it will be the day that you need the umbrella and this guy has the right idea. winter coat they have the jackets, umbrella's and they are needed. you will not need the hats like you have. the cold air to the west and then across the east and we're going to set records and potentially hundreds of records set across the east over the next couple of days and then 65 degrees on wednesday with the rain and 75 on christmas eve and 75. i would not be surprised to see 76 and 77 in some areas. christmas day is 66. warm warm on christmas dry to start. falling temperatures during the day too. then we go down a little bit on saturday and back up to 64 on sunday. amazing and ridiculous all at the same time.
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coming up looking to cross another challenge off their list. john wall can
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this is the sport's desk and the home for live sports. >> yeah, we debated on who to start with because we want to give them love. it was a night and a career for them and second to none on the
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nhl and looking to stay on top of the lead and the caps go on the road and they do what good team itself do. they find a way to win tonight and in carolina. santa cranking things up around the corner. a whole lot of good coming and first period is scoreless and michael puts in the rebound and then a forty of the career and then second period they win the face off. this one does the boot of jason and give that and nice to the season and final seconds of the game and hurricane down a goal and then power play trying to tight up and then coming through with the save. look at the at. sacrificing themselves and three block shots in the final seconds
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and they hold on and they say two to one and win their 25th victory of the season. wizards hosting and everybody is loving that and dancing. first quarter and they're up and looking for it and they might be looking and had to show you that one. might get cold for that one and second quarter down and while driving he does what he does and basket to go 12 points tonight, approximate but he did most of the damag with him. now looking and knocking down the shots and incredible with the 27 points and to the third quarter and still giving out the presents on the breaks and then pops up and then the career high of 23 points and then up by five. john has most assists by the wizards players and finishes with the career high of 19 and
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then the wid saturdays win the second straight and wall did leave early with a rib injury. something that we will keep an eye on. next the redskins and the next challenge is back to back to back. win on saturday night and they're division champs. that's a miracle. they're giving them a lot of reasons and then it's going to skbrrks the leadership in the locker room. >> the veterans have a great locker room. the young guys and a lot of the young guys but nothing like this and a saturday niggame on the r for a division title. it is for us if we can win it. we have to play and just continue to play with the great effort and hopefully these guys prepare like they have been preparing.
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>> so in philly on saturday night and a couple of the path tots the playoffs and the way to win is the simple way. >> you like the simple way? >> yeah, prime time has not been good for them. one and eight on the night games. that's the next
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heart warming story of police officers helping their own. meet haley her father with the county police has a broken back, so some of the colleagues took
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her on a mission and christmas shopping. from the looks of it, young haley had a blast. >> the officers probably had a great time too. >> yeah, think that your right. >> that's going to do 3
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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